I always seem to be hunting the shop for the tools I need when I’m about to use my table saw. So I solved the “lost” tool problem with the table saw organizer you see here. The dimensions for the organizer shown here fit a Biesemeyer-style fence. If you have a different brand of fence, you may have to modify the bracket and cleat.

The organizer is an open-top box that hangs on the rip fence. A bracket stretches across the fence and holds a cleat that fits inside the top of the fence. The organizer is held securely to the fence with rare-earth magnets. To build the tray, first I cut the pieces to size. Then I made the rabbets on the sides and the grooves to hold the bottom (next slide). Once the box is assembled, you can add the bracket and cleat. I attached the bracket to the tray using countersunk screws. After you drill the holes in the cleat to hold the magnets, you can attach it to the bracket with glue. I also drilled a hole in the edge of the tray for a pencil. With the organizer, I now have a place for all the tools I need to work at the saw. Plus, the tools are safely confined in the organizer while the saw is running.

Rabbets hold the side pieces to front and back as you see in detail ‘a’. A groove in all those pieces fits perfectly with the rabbet on the bottom ( detail ‘b’).

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