Applying molding to a project adds detail to and softens transitions on furniture projects. And often, the profile of the molding helps define the style of the project. Since the molding attracts so much attention, you want to make sure it’s installed right.

For small cabinets and shelves, I prefer to glue the molding in place. One place that can trip you up is holding the molding in place while the glue dries. The profile makes it difficult to apply a clamp. In addition, the case top or bottom may get in the way of adding a clamp.

One good solution is to make a flexible clamp caul like you see here.

The caul is make from a narrow strip of 14” hardboard. The caul allows you to apply a clamp away from the cabinet bottom and extend just the right amount of pressure on the molding. At the router table, I rounded the ends of the caul to create a softer contact point. This keeps the caul from marring the molding.

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