I build a lot of small projects where precise joinery is a must. But cutting small parts to length safely and accurately with a stock miter gauge is a challenge. The small sled you see here solves the problem and offers a lot of practical features. The sled features a T-track mounted in the base. A hardwood stop allows you to make repetitive cuts with precision. And you can tweak the final cut location with the built-in micro-adjuster. The stop has a small key at the front edge to help ensure that it remains square to the fence. It also allows you to cut workpieces wider than the base using the front edge of the sled.

This drawing shows the specifics for building your own sled. It’s critical that the miter bar is square to the front edge of the sled. And the fence needs to be square to the blade. Otherwise, the construction is pretty straightforward. I started by making the base and then adding the fence, T-track, and miter bar. The hardwood stop requires a hole for the flange bolt and threaded insert. Glue on the key and sand the sides of the stop smooth before adding the nylon set screw for the micro-adjustment.

Finally, install the stop with a plastic knob.

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