It’s better to steer the board with a resaw guide that makes contact with the wood at a single point. This way, you can pivot the board as you are cutting to account for this drift. Luckily, building this type of guide for resawing doesn’t have to be a complicated process. As you can see here, I made one out of a single board and a large dowel. To use the resaw guide, first lay out the cut on the workpiece. Then set the guide in place to match the desired thickness, aligned with the cutting edge of the band saw blade. Clamp it down, and you’re ready to resaw.

To make it, just drill a hole to fit the dowel on the centerline of a board. Then trim the end of the board, cutting through the hole. That way, the dowel extends slightly beyond the beveled end of the board. Finally, glue the board and dowel together.

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