There are a variety of band saw jigs that you can make or purchase. The one I came up with clamps into the miter slot and adjusts easily. Plus the pivot block helps you compensate for blade drift as you cut.

You can see in the drawing that the jig starts with a plywood base. A dado in the base holds a sliding pivot block with a groove in one face. The pivot block is held in place by a clamp that fits in the groove. A split runner locks the jig in the miter slot.

The details here show how to attach the runner to the base. To use the jig, I set the distance from the pivot block to the blade for the thickness of the workpiece I need. Then I make the cut. The pivot block helps to guide the workpiece through the blade and it’s easy to make adjustments for the slight drift of the band saw blade as it cuts. My cuts are cleaner and more consistent now.

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