Sanding blocks are ideal for smoothing out rough areas of a workpiece. But the problem with most sanding blocks is they’re often too small to give you a good grip and it can be difficult to change the sandpaper. To solve this problem, I built this sanding block. It fits comfortably in your hand. And it uses a toggle clamp to sandwich the sandpaper tight in the block.

The sanding block is made from three layers of plywood. The base holds the sandpaper and the toggle clamp. The middle clamping block and top piece that form the hand grip are joined together with screws. They each have a cutout in the center for the toggle clamp. And the clamping block has a “shelf” area for the head of the clamp to provide adequate pressure.

Feel free to shape the top for a comfortable grip. Now using and changing sandpaper is easy. Just release the toggle clamp to remove used sandpaper and replace it. Then simply snap the sanding block back together.

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