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Bryan: Don, Have you seen my back issue DVD? It's missing again!

Don: Phil, I think Phil took it. He's always taking mine. It's always a problem…but now there's an easy solution. Everything on that back issue DVD is now online!

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Bryan: That sounds great. Does it still have all the great search functions available?

Don: Yes! You just get online and just like on the DVD you search something like "dovetails." You then get a summary of every time dovetails was mentioned in Woodsmith, right on your computer to access.

Bryan: Sometimes I'm looking for a particular type of project but don't know exactly which project until I actually see it.

Don: Exactly! I was building this bookcase at home and couldn't remember which issue it was in. So, now I just go online and key in "bookcases" to get a quick visual search of all bookcases to find the one I want. And sometimes I find one that I'd forgotten about that I like even better, quick and easy!

Bryan: Once I find the exact project I want, I like to have a set of hardcopy plans to work from.

Don: It's a PDF, so all you do is print out the step-by-step plans, just as they originally appeared in Woodsmith and head to the shop to get to work.

Bryan: Well, I've already got the DVD, assuming I get it back from Phil! Do I pay extra to get it online?

Don: You bought it and I bought it (Phil I'm not so sure about). So, you and I can go online and access everything on our DVDs, free! Now, those who didn't buy a DVD (like Phil), can buy online access at www.woodsmithlibrary.com.

Bryan: I can't wait to go online and try it out!

Don: It's terrific. It's 35 years of every issue, every article, every plan!

Bryan: That's a lot of woodworking to put right at your fingertips.

Don: Speaking of woodworking, I better get back to work on this bookcase!

Announcer: New! The Woodsmith Library Online. Every issue, every article, every plan—only $99! Also get immediate online access if you choose four easy monthly payments of only $24.75 each. It's our best offer ever, for the best value in woodworking. Satisfaction guaranteed by Woodsmith.

Woodsmith Back Issue Library ONLINE …ONLY $99!

Free Shipping Continental U.S.
DVD will arrive in 2-4 weeks

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