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I use clamping squares all the time when assembling cabinet cases. But I’ve found another use for these multi-purpose shop accessories. You can see in the photo and drawing below how I made a miter sled using a clamping square and a scrap piece of plywood. What’s really nice is, it’s easy and inexpensive.

I started with the base using a piece of plywood roughly 12″ wide by 21″ long. Then I mounted a runner underneath to fit the miter slot of my table saw. Locate the runner so you can trim the edge of the base to create a clean reference edge for locating the clamping square. The last step is to attach the clamping square to the base. A drafting triangle registered against the plate of the blade positions the clamping square at the correct angle. Now, perfect, gap-free miters are guaranteed with this simple sled.

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