Like many woodworkers, space is at a premium in my garage workshop. My woodworking has to share the same space as the family car. I solved part of the problem by building the fold-up router table you see here. Its large worksurface provides plenty of support for any size workpiece. But the best part is, it folds up against the wall to provide extra room to work when needed.

The drawing at left gives you an idea of how it all works. The support structure with the folding wings is sized to fit my router table. The length of the two cleats (upper and lower) matches the width of the router table.

You can start with the back panel and add the two side pieces that hold the folding wings. The wings are attached to the sides with a continuous hinge. I staggered mine so the wings would fold fl at, one on top of the other (Top View). Next, I mounted the lower cleat to the back and sides then attached the top to it with a hinge.

To locate the upper cleat, flip the top up against the wall. Then to hold the top in place against the wall, add the screen door hooks. Finally, lower the top to locate the counterbores underneath for the leveling hardware.

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