I’m always looking for ways to maximize space and work more efficiently. These stacking stools do the trick. And their heavy-duty plywood construction means they’ll last for years. As you can see, used alone, they make great assembly tables.

When two are stacked together, they’re at just the right height for outfeed support at my table saw. And the tray at the bottom is handy for storing small tools and hardware. These stools have come in so handy, I built two pairs and use them for a variety of shop tasks. And when they’re not needed, they tuck neatly into a corner.

The drawing at left details their simple construction. Start by making a set of legs for each stool. Most of the pieces are put together with rabbet joints to make a strong assembly. The next thing to do is build a set of “boxes.” One box will form the top of the stool. The other box is turned over to form a tray. On the top of the stool, I cut a handhold to make it easy to grab and move the stool.

When fastening the top to the legs, the top should sit proud of the legs, as shown in the drawing. This allows you to nest two stools together to create a stable platform. Likewise, the tray should be high enough so that the legs on the upper stool rest firmly on the legs of the lower stool when stacked. Note: You’ll want to dry fit the assembly to make sure the stools nest properly and securely.

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