Handy Tool Stand

My collection of pliers was just thrown into a drawer with the idea that I’d build suitable storage for them “some day.” I finally grew tired of rummaging through the drawer every time I needed a pair of pliers. Here’s my solution. It’s just an L-shaped stand with a slotted rack at the top to hold the tools. The rack is tapered so the pliers stay put. And I made the base extra wide so it could stand up on my workbench.

Building the Stand

To build the stand, I cut the base and back to size first. Then I added a rabbet to the base and glued the two parts together. Next, I built the rack assembly. Since the grooves in the front and back of the rack need to align, I cut them in an extra-wide blank first. After I ripped it in half, I cut the bevels on the rack front. To finish up, I cut hardboard dividers to size and glued up the assembly. A couple of screws through the back hold the rack on the stand. I added L-hooks so it could hand on pegboard. The base of the rack allows me to take it with me in my shop. With this new caddy, my pliers are always right at hand.

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