Router Storage

I use my router just about every time I’m in the shop. I wanted a place to set the router down without waiting for the bit to come to a complete stop. So I built this router stand. As you can see, it has an opening in the top with a tray on one side for bits and a drawer on the other side for router accessories.

A Simple Base

I kept the construction simple, so it was fast and easy to build. The main part of the stand is made from ½” Baltic birch plywood. You can cut a piece of plywood to size for the base and then rabbet the edges. Twin dadoes evenly spaced from the edges hold the dividers. The top is identical to the bottom except for a U-shaped opening. After you cut the back, two sides, and dividers to size, you can glue up the stand. The final piece is a hardboard template that’s cut to fit around your router base.

Drawer & Tray

The tray and drawer are sized to fit the openings in the base assembly. I rabbeted the front and back of the drawer to fit the bottom and sides (left side view drawing), then glued the drawer together. The bit tray sits in a dado cut in the front and back of the drawer (right side view drawing). Now I have a handy place to keep my router at the bench.

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