Super Easy Router Baseplate

Some projects, like routed bowls, call for routing out a large recess. The problem is, it’s easy to let the router base tip into the recess if it’s very large. The answer is to attach a larger, auxiliary baseplate.

auxiliary baseplate

Making a separate, large baseplate generally means drilling a hole in a thin workpiece for the bit, then drilling accurately placed screw holes to attach the base to the router. I found an easier way is using a piece of 38" clear acrylic.

After cutting it to size, I used a Forstner bit to drill a 1"-dia. hole in the material. A 1" O.D. guide bushing attached to my router fits perfectly in the hole, creating an instant see-through baseplate.

The best part is that the base comes right off without having to loosen a single screw.

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