Use Gel Varnish for a No-Drip Finish

While I was picking up a few cans of gel stain to try out, I decided to try a can of finish I’d never used before — gel varnish.

Gel Stain

A thick, gel varnish brushes (or wipes) on easily. Then you can just wipe off the excess for a smooth, even look. Plus, buildup goes quickly since the finish dries fast.

Like a gel stain, gel varnish is thick. So it’s not prone to the problems of running and sagging that can be typical of thinner finishes.

The Bartley’s gel varnish I used seemed even thicker than the gel stains. So it stays right where you brush it on, even on a vertical surface. This gives you time to work an area without worrying about finish running all over the place.

But what’s even better is that once you wipe off the excess, it leaves behind a smooth, even coat that dries to the touch fairly quickly. Sure, you still have to wait a bit before applying another coat, but the “quick-dry” feature doesn’t give dust any time to settle into the finish. And building up a few coats doesn’t take any time at all.

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