Use Your Combination Square as a Center Finder

Another way I use my combination square every day is to find the center of a workpiece. Now you could just use the square to measure the width and then divide that in half to find the center. But the technique I use doesn’t require any measuring or calculating.

In the drawing above, you can see how to use the 45° face to draw a diagonal line from each corner of a workpiece (like a drawer front). The exact center of the workpiece is right where the lines intersect.

Doing this on the narrow edge of a workpiece is a little tricky. So instead, I set my combination square to mark close to the center, then make a pair of marks — one off each face. This will get you really close. Then it’s just a matter of “splitting” the difference to find the center of the edge.


Sources for some of the hardware and supplies mentioned in this tip.

Combination Square

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