Make a Quick-Release, Oversize Base for your Router

Router Base

I build a lot of drawers in my shop and I like to soften the edges of the assembled drawer box with a small roundover. But trying to hold a router stable on the thin edge of the drawer side is tricky.

I figured out that this operation would be safer and the results more consistent if I had a large base for my router. My first idea was to remove the original baseplate of my router and replace it with a wider one. Then I realized that fussing with removing and replacing the screws to change bases would be a hassle.

My solution was to build this simple auxiliary base you see here. It only takes a few seconds to mount it to the router. It’s wide enough to span at least two drawer sides while routing. This means the router remains stable with less of a tendency to tip.

As shown above and in the drawing below, the secret is in the two hardwood "pinch blocks" and a toggle clamp (more information on this toggle clamp). The pinch blocks are rabbeted on the end for a snug fit over the router’s base. And the toggle clamp is positioned to make it easy to remove and install the router yet clamp it securely when in use.

End View

The base is made from ½" MDF. It’s rigid enough to support the weight of the router without sagging. The edges have been rounded over so they won

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