Wax your Table Saw Table for Performance & Protection

There’s nothing complicated about applying a coat of paste wax to tool tables or jigs in your shop. The three-step process is shown in the photos below.

The wax layer provides long-lasting protection. But the more use the tool gets, the faster the wax will wear away. Any time you notice a workpiece "dragging," it’s a good signal to add another coat of wax. The new coat softens any remaining wax and blends it into the new layer.

Wipe It On

Wipe It On.
Use a cloth to lay down an even layer of wax across the entire surface. To make buffing out easier, only apply a thin coat.

Waiting is Easy

Waiting is Easy.
As the solvents evaporate, the wax turns to a dull film. You’ll find this usually takes 15 – 20 minutes.

Wax Off

Wax Off.
With a clean, soft cloth, buff the wax to a smooth polish. For best results, turn the rag often so it doesn

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